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A Site-visit to the Production Line in China
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To the relevant corporations in coating industry:


  It is on May 11th to 13th , 2015 that The 11th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printings, Inks and Adhesives Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou, which is organized by Guangdong Coating Industry Association, Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Paints and Changzhou Paint & Coatings Association. To make it specific and more professional, there will be 5 main exhibition areas including:

1. Special industrial coatings,

2. UV/EB technology and products,

3. Raw materials and pigments,

4. Coatings chemical equipments and service,

5. All kinds of fillers and formulated products for inks and adhesives.


What’ s more, some splendid concurrent events will be organized at the same time, such as the peak forum, coating training courses and so on. As for COAT EXPO 2015, it is estimated about 350 exhibitors taking up nearly 15,000 square meters.


  We are sincerely grateful for so many supports from all of you. Without your supports, COATEXPO can’t achieve such a huge success nowadays. Since that, in order to keep on facilitating the mutual communication and study among each coating corporation, as well as helping coating buyers get to know the production and products’ quality of  manufactures, the organizing committee decides to gather the buyers and the manufacturers to pay a site-visit to the scale enterprise in South China during COATEXPO2015. Thanks to this great opportunity, not only will you know more about the production line and new products, the upstream and downstream firms are also able to make acquaintance with each other, exploring potential clients and building long-lasting cooperation relationship.Therefore, no matter you are coating manufacturers, buyers or processing industry, your participation are all welcomed. 


The Arrangement of the site-visit:

 The receipt of the Inspection Visit to Guangzhou enterprises (organized by 2015 COATEXPO)
  Email address for Receipt : coatexpo@hotmail.com
  Deadline for registration:April 1st , 2015

Seats are limited; please contact the Organizing Committee if you would like to take this chance.

Contact via: Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. 

Contact Person: Ms. Elena Huang
Email: coatexpo@hotmail.com
Phone: +86-20-29193573

Contact Person: Ms. Rita Lee
Email: wise.expo@hotmail.com
Phone: +86-20-29193597


Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd
Guangdong Coating Industry Association
Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Paints
Powder Coating Institute (PCI) (USA)


Synthetic Resin Adhesive Industry Association in Taiwan

National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Synthetic Resin

Chongqing Coating Industry Association

Sichuan Coating Industry Association

Guangdong Provincial Building Materials Industry Association

National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Taiwan Coating Industry Association

Fujian Coating Industry Association

Zhejiang Coating Industry Association

Wenzhou Paint Chamber of Commerce

Changzhou Coating Industry Association

Nanjing Coating Industry Association


International Co-sponsors
Korea Paint & Printing Ink Industry Cooperative (KPIC)
Indian Small Scale Paint Association(ISSPA)
Thai Paint Manufacturers Association(TPMA)
Chemical Business Association(CBA)

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