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(1) Raw materials for coating / ink / adhesive production: various fillers, solvents, auxiliaries, pigments, film-forming materials, etc;

(2) Coating production, testing and packaging equipment: mixing / mixing / grinding / dispersion / color matching / filtering equipment.

A variety of measurement and testing equipment; a variety of packaging equipment

(3) UV / EB curing technology: photoinitiator, additives, polymer, UV coating / ink, dry film, UV light source, high speed electron beam equipment, curing equipment, coating equipment and testing equipment and instruments

(4) Powder coating: various pretreatment equipment and reagents; powder coating materials and additives; powder coating material production equipment and production line; powder coating equipment; coating engineering design and production line; various powders coating products.

(5) Industrial environmental protection and plant cleaning: industrial wastewater / waste gas / waste residue treatment, environmental protection facilities and equipment, safety.

All production facilities and equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, workshop cleaning and sanitation facilities.

(6) All kinds of coating products

(7) Remote Exhibition - cloud exhibition and cloud promotion exhibition area.

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