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Chemicals & Raw Materials:
Natural Resins, Synthetic Resins, Pigment, Pigments Emulsion, Solvents, Extenders,Fillers, Additives (Including Thickeners, Surfactants, Dispersants, Emulsifiers, Crosslinking Agents, Anti-foaming Agents, Anti-Skinning Agents, Leveling Agents, Wetting Agent, Biocides, Driers, Stabilizers, Waxes, Film-foaming Additives, etc.

Manufacturing & Packaging Machinery:
Tinting System, Mixers, Continuous Mixers, Intermittent Mixers, Laboratory Mixers, Extruders, Dissolvers, Mills & Accessories, Filters, Pumps, Metering Devices, Dispensers & Filling Systems, Packaging, Labeling Machines, Grinding and Dispersing Agent, the Whole Plant Equipment and Engineering Service, etc.

The UV/EB curing technology and products:

Raw materials (active diluent (monomer), oligomer, light initiator, pigments, additives, etc.), formulation products (UV coating, UV ink, UV adhesives, printing plates, photoresist, printed circuit using UV ink, ink dry film, optical imaging, casting light, normal grafting, etc.), curing light/equipment/instrument (UV light source, electron beam equipment, light curing equipment, coating equipment, material performance test instrument (coating, printing ink, adhesive), UV dose meter, etc.)

New environmental protection, functional coatings and adhesive chemicals:

All kinds of new type of paint, art paint, water-based paint, ecological coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, Nano coatings, functional coatings, painting tools, equipment and technology.

All kinds of industrial, functional coatings

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