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Conference and Exhibition Promotions of 2019 COAT EXPO
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    Recently, the organizing committee of 2019 COAT EXPO has participated in other events to carry out publicity and promotion, and started all-around preparation for the 13th COAT EXPO 2019.

2018 Annual Conference for China Coating Industry
    The two-day 2018 Annual Conference for China Coating Industry kicked off in Shanghai on July 2-3 with 500 delegates from all over the country. As an important part in the "China coating week", the conference is sponsored by the China Coating Industry Association, China Coating Magazine Co, Shanghai Baolijia Chemical, and Runtai Chemical. 17 enterprises become co-sponsors and supporters, ranging from government departments, coatings enterprises, raw materials, equipment, enterprises and Internet companies.
    2019 COAT EXPO committee paid attention to the expert speeches and the latest developments of the industry. In order to further understand the market and customer demand, they have actively discussed with the enterprises about the paint market in south China and the cooperation in the 2018 COAT EXPO.

The 19th China Coating show of China International Coating Expo 2018

    From July 4 to 6, the opening ceremony of the 19th China Coating show of China International Coating Expo 2018 is held in 6s. 40 years of reform and opening up has witnessed profound changes and great achievements in China's coating industry, with efforts in the growth of coating production, product structure adjustment, scientific and technological innovation capacity, overall competitiveness and marketing capacity of the industry. The rapid development of coating industry, far beyond people's expectations, is a substantial part of the achievements of reform and opening up. This session is to reflect the brilliant development of Chinese coating over 40 years. Excellent enterprises in coating industry show new technology and release new products. The organizing committee went to the Shanghai exhibition to communicate with the exhibitors and introduced the progress of 2019 COAT EXPO, which attracted the attention of many enterprises on the site.

The 20th China Construction Expo 2018 (Guangzhou)

     Opened on July 8, 2018, with more than 400,000 ㎡exhibition area, the 20th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) has attracted more than 2,000 brand enterprises from 23 mainland regions, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other overseas areas. The architectural and art coatings on the show are also the focus of COAT EXPO2019. The organizing committee visited most of the exhibitors and dispatched thousands of invitation letters to know the exhibitors' needs and to advertise the 13th COAT EXPO.

     the 13th Guangzhou International Paint, Ink and Adhesive Exhibition will meet the actual development needs of the industry and continue to build a good communication platform for all parties in the coating industry. More concurrent conferences and business invitation are under way. May 21-23, 2019, Poly World Trade Center, You are welcome!

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