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COATEXPO2019, for a Grand Coating Event
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    The organizing committee of the 13th COAT EXPO are working hard for the preparation of the 13th Guangzhou International Paint, Ink and Adhesive Exhibition (May 21-23, 2019). Cooperative details are discussed in a meeting with leaders of the Guangdong Coating Association, including honorary President Huang Kai, secretary general Lv Shuilie, minister Wang Bing and director Huang Yonghan, on member enterprise invitation, cooperation in publicity and innovative cooperation.

   The meeting is of great significance. Guangzhou COATEXPO and the Guangdong Coating Association  will continue to serve for the Guangdong coating industry with innovation ideas and full preparation for smooth industry transformation and upgrading and  sustainable development of the industry. A professional, efficient and influential platform can be formed in this grand coating event.


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