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Four Consecutive Group Participation in COAT EXPO of Taiwan Synthetic Resin & Adhesives Industrial Association
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     The 13th Guangzhou COAT EXPO, as one of the longest brand and widely-recognized coating exhibitions in China, will be held from May 21 to 23, 2019 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Fair after full preparation. After comprehensive assessment of the former participations, Taiwan Synthetic Resin & Adhesives Industrial Association (short for TWSRA)has confirmed and signed another group participation in 2019 COAT EXPO. Among their group, Taiwan Sanho Co.Ltd, Nanpao Group, KUEN BONG Chemical Industry, Taiwan Adhesives Co.Ltd, Ada-Chung Mechanics and R&A Chemical Corporation were satisfied with the 2018 session and will continue their  participation.

     As an influential coating organization in Taiwan with its 27 years history, TWSRA has over 100 member units. The director Shi Renzheng says, In recent years, the ever-changing international economic and trade environment and intense global market competition make the world resources relocated especially after the rapid rise of developing countries such as China and India. The global market of synthetic resin adhesives in the developed countries is relatively mature and the growth is stagnating, which results in the tilt of industrial structure towards developing Asian countries. To adapt to the international development trend and actively explore globe market, WSRA always holds and will continue holding cross-strait trade and technical seminars, attend international exhibitions, visit overseas factories and organizations and strengthen its e-business service for a better exchange and problem-solving in this industry. 
     COAT EXPO and TWSRA will work together to promote the sustainable development of the resin adhesion market, to improve the development of COAT EXPO and to enhance the industrial influence of COAT EXPO.

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