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[Exhibitor] Zhongshan Jiexing Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
ICIE 2021
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Zhongshan Jiexing Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

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Company Profile

Zhongshan Jiexing environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of solvent recovery machine, sewage distillation equipment and automatic solvent recovery equipment. The company provides solvent recovery, sewage distillation, oil recovery and recycling services and equipment for large, medium and small enterprises. With professional technology and attentive service, we provide safety services for customers, High quality industrial environmental protection equipment, to create greater value for customers, win the support of different customers. The company's solvent recovery machine has intelligent control, PLC automatic recovery machine and dual system control recovery machine, the equipment respectively obtained the national level explosion-proof certification, European and American CE certification, integrity service 3A certification, by the insurance company to underwrite product liability insurance. We are deeply supported and cooperated by Yuanda technology group, Panasonic electronic materials, Canon digital camera, Gree Electric, TDK group, Honda, BASF coatings, Wanhui chemical, Jingang chemical, Berger coatings, Senyuan heavy industry and other companies for our high quality recycling effect, safety quality and good after-sales service.


1. T-125 intelligent solvent recovery machine


Intelligent solvent recovery machine: standard pressure control system, one inch safety valve, Omron temperature control + Chinese display.

The whole machine and parts adopt explosion-proof safety design, and have obtained national explosion-proof certificate: cnex.18.3228x

Independent temperature control + sense temperature control head, independent control equipment temperature, double temperature control, eliminate safety hazards.

Optional: automatic feeding pump, Teflon coating, visual window, etc.

2. PLC automatic continuous type


This equipment can realize one key start, the equipment is fully automatic operation, automatic feeding, automatic discharge, explosion-proof floating ball control liquid level.

Temperature sectional control: heat transfer oil, steam temperature, recovery time and pressure protection can be displayed on the display screen.

Mitsubishi PLC and Mitsubishi temperature module are used.

Main components: Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi temperature module, Schneider, Omron, vinon, CKD, SMC, etc.

Equipped with reducer: 1:300 deceleration is easier to dump than.

3. Dual system recovery machine


The double system recovery machine is equipped with nitrogen protection device, compressed air buckle protection device, German e+h tuning fork type liquid level and domestic liquid level double protection system, which is more safe.

Equipped with double pressure control, double stainless steel safety valve, double temperature protection, double outflow liquid temperature protection, etc.

The thickness of the tank is 5mm in the inner barrel and 3m304 stainless steel on the outer barrel. The bottom of the bucket has the lower slag discharge port, the conical bottom, and the pneumatic and manual slag removal.

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