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[Exhibitor] Ningbo Durrex Pump Industry Co., Ltd
ICIE 2021
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Ningbo Durrex Pump Industry Co., Ltd


Company Profile

The rotary pump developed and manufactured by Ningbo Durrex Pump Industry Co., Ltd is in a leading position in the world in the field of complex fluid transportation. Its key core technology accounts for about 60% of the domestic market, and won the national single champion in manufacturing industry in 2019. Rotor pump and mixed emulsion pump have more than 100 patents in key technologies, providing scientific fluid transportation solutions for every user.

Durrex has extremely strict production and processing technology and manufacturing quality requirements in product manufacturing, and benefits from the company's numerous international advanced horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, gantry machining centers and other precision machining machines, so that the manufacturing accuracy of product parts reaches the world-class level.

It has provided fluid conveying equipment and technical services for more than 8000 enterprises in the world, such as P & G, BASF, Unilever and Solvay.


1. Sanitary rotary pump


The cam rotor pump is a rotary positive displacement pump manufactured by Durrex company after decades of research and development. The application technology and manufacturing technology of the products have reached the international advanced level. The rotor pump allows forward and reverse rotation, and is equipped with frequency converter to adjust the flow. It can be used as a general metering pump. With screw connection, it is more convenient for disassembly and assembly and has high sanitary level.

2. DHX3 homogeneous emulsification


DHX3 series homogeneous emulsion pump: the cavity of DHX3 homogeneous emulsion pump is equipped with two groups of double stator and double rotor. According to the flow direction of the material, the gear discs of each layer of rotor and stator are from coarse to fine, mixing, dispersing, crushing, dissolving, fine, depolymerizing, homogenizing and emulsifying are completed instantly.

3. Vertical rotor pump


Chain drive cam rotor pump: on the basis of the original traditional direct connection structure, our company has developed and designed a new structure rotor pump, which is mainly used in the field where the installation space is limited.

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