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[Exhibitor] Qingdao Sino New Material Co., Ltd
ICIE 2021
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Qingdao Sino New Material Co., Ltd

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Company Profile

With 16 years of application experience accumulation, Sino has achieved an excellent lubrication dispersion system and realized the intensive production and one-stop supply of basic lubrication system. We have four production bases, own R & D center, dedicated to serving more than 20 industries of product application technology support, over 15000 product application cases, undertaked tens of millions of orders. It has been serving eight of the 500 enterprises, 63 listed enterprises, 21 industry leaders, over 3000 domestic  long-term partners, 100% national sales coverage for 13 consecutive years. Besides, the company also serves other enterprises from more than 20 countries, including southeast Asia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa etc.


  • 1. Ethylene-Bis-Stearamide



It has low acid value, sufficient reaction, excellent heat resistance and stability in later stage, good whiteness, uniform particle size, excellent bright dispersion effect, good friction resistance, and meets FDA requirements.

2. Bright dispersion lubricant 222


Sino bright dispersion lubricant has good dispersion effect on pearlescent pigment, metal pigment, carbon black, etc. It can enhance the metal texture. It is a surface treatment agent with multiple functions of lubrication, dispersion, coupling, brightness, etc., which can improve the brightness

3. Polyethylene wax 112


The liquid of SINO 112 is colorless and transparent, with high melting point, high hardness and low thermal weight loss.

4. Polyethylene wax 105D


Sino 105D product liquid is colorless and transparent, with low thermal weight loss, good temperature resistance and small smoke under high temperature.

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