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Company Information
*Company Name
  Company Name
*Tel:   *Fax:  
*Contact Name:   *Job Title:  
*Mobile:   *E-mail:  
Preferred Area:   Advertisement Reservation:  
  *2.How do you know ICIE:
   Invitation letter from organizer     Publications    
   Newspaper     Internet     Billboard/street signage     Ticket    
   Business associates     Government agencies/trade associations   
    Others,please specify:
  *2.You purpose of show:
   Develop global marketing, expand international popularity
   Meet frequent customers and develop potential customers
   Sell products    
   Exchange the latest information in the industry
    Others, please specify:
  *3.Buyers from which industries that you would like to meet most? Please specify four industries:
  *4.Visitors from which department of a company you would like to meet? Please specify four:
  *5.Products/Services to be displayed:
  *Code: 1261      
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