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Guangzhou Market Overview

China has over 10,000 coatings, printing ink and adhesive enterprises. They are mainly located in Pearl River Delta(Guangdong) and Yangze River Delta. 30% of the national coatings production comes from Guangdong Province. In 2009, the total volume of coating was 75,544 million tons. It is ranked the top of the world for the first time and make China become the biggest global market. In May 2006, Shunde was officially named as the Hometown of China Coatings, that means Guangdong plays a decisive role in the nationwide market of coatings, printing ink and adhesive.
South China adjoins Hongkong and Macau, and radiates to Southeast Asia, on one hand, it has huge demand for coatings, printing ink and adhesive products, on the other hand, it has great desire on the quantity and varieties of raw material equipment due to the large productiong. In a word, joining us in such a professional industry exhibition is the best way to expand market, consolidate client and explore new business opportunities!

Chongqing Market Overview

Held in Chongqing is China's largest production base of conventional weapons, the only one independent production in addition to aircraft and space spacecraft Chinese Army almost all active combat weapon. The manufacturing of automobiles is a veteran Chongqing industry, Honeywell, Thyssen Krupp, Textron, Magna, Changan Jialing, Lifan, such as three world 500 strong and well-known domestic automobile and parts enterprises have be settled down. Chongqing is also the world's largest manufacturing base for notebook computer, has been gathering HP, Acer, ASUS three big brands, Wistron, Compal, quanta, Inventec, Foxconn, and six major OEM enterprises. The basic form of notebook computer brands, generation of business components business, "3+6+200" pattern.

In recent years, Chongqing has built two rivers and two inland bonded port area and the development of open national district - district. The next three years, the industry will be accumulated into 1.5 billion, 7  level in industrial cluster including electronic information, automobile, equipment manufacturing, chemical engineering, materials, energy, consumer products, and 30 of the 10 billion industry cluster, the total industrial output value exceeded 3 billion. A huge market opportunity, will bring hitherto unknown opportunities for surface engineering industry.


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