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Basic Information
*Name:   Title:  Mr. Ms.
*Company Name:   *Job Title:  
Country:   State/Province:  
City:   Zip Code:  
*Address:   *Tel:  
Fax:   *Mobile:  
*E-mail:   Website:  
  *1.How do you know our exhibition? (One choice)
   Invitation letter from exhibitor     Publications    Newspaper  
   Billboard / street signage           Ticket              Business associates   
   Government agencies / trade associations            Internet   
   Others,please specify:
  *2.Your company is:
   Manufacturer               Agent/Distributor     Trader    
   Government organs     Research institutions
   Public Utilities               Others,please specify:
  *3.What industry does your company belong to?
  *4.Your position in the company is:
   Senior management            Consultant    Design
   Research&Development      Production   
   Engineering/maintenance    Procurement    Sales&Marketing   
    Others,please specify:
  *5.The annual turnover is(RMB):
   2,000,000     2,010,000-10,000,000     10,010,000-50,000,000  
   More than 50,000,000
  *6.What products are you interested in:
    Additives & Solvents             Resins & Binders
   Pigments & Extenders           Manufacturing & Packaging Machinery
   Grinding media                     Testing & Measuring Equipment     
   Electroplating, Clean Equipments
   Construction Equipment and Machinery
   Safety, Health & Environmental Equipment
   Coatings, Inks & Adhesives
    Others,please specify:
  *7.What's your purpose of attending the exhibition:
   Visit suppliers           Seek representation   To purchase  
   Gather information   Evaluate for exhibiting in the future
    Others,please specify:
  *Code: 1632      
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