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Visitors are invited via:
1. Media partners, websites and publications of coordinated associations. Powerful
    ads and reports enable visitors to get the latest exhibition news.
2. Association partners, chambers of commerce and other coordinated 
3. Promotional activities and networking targeted technicians in the industry
4. Promotional activities at the related exhibitions
5. Visitor Organization Center of the organizer specially designed for inviting
    visitors according to the databases provided by information center
6. Concurrent seminars, networking, exchange and forums which will attract more professionals

Visitor Invitation Center----Information Center and Visitors Database
China Coating Alliance International Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., the executive member of Guangdong Convention and Exhibition Association, always attaches great importance to visitors’ invitation. The visitor database which includes accurate  information of the millions of previous visitors and being added with updated info facilitate the invitation of the professional visitors through calling, fax, customer relationships, emails, short massages and exhibition news. To know the demands of the end users and to offer an effective show, the organizers carry out investigations before invitation and shave the results with the exhibitors. After the show, the visitor’s statistic will be released and some will be provided to the exhibitors.

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