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[Exhibitor] Hunan Yingxu Pigments Co., Ltd
ICIE 2021
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Hunan Yingxu Pigments Co., Ltd

Booth No.2261

Company Profile

Hunan Yingxu Pigment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise based on the Yuetang District Pigment Chemical Plant in Xiangtan city. Founded in 1985. The company has registered capital of three million yuan, specializing in the production and sales of environmental friendly color mixed inorganic pigments and enamel pigments used in coatings, glass, paint and other industries, including copper chromium black, cobalt blue, cobalt green, titanium nickel yellow, titanium chrome brown and other varieties. The company has advanced production equipment, perfect quality assurance system, first-class after-sales service and a professional technical research and development team. For more than 30 years, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented and pursuing excellence", pragmatic innovation, strict quality, ensuring the quality and stability of products, cooperating with the well-known universities in China and Central South University. It has carried out a lot of research on the development of new nano environmental protection materials, developed several leading product technologies at home and abroad, and achieved many technical achievements. The company continues to develop new pigment products, has been widely praised by all kinds of customers for a long time!


1. Cobalt blue


Cobalt blue: it is a kind of blue pigment with bright and pure color, saturated color and red light. It has excellent covering power, coloring power, dispersion, light resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. It has infrared reflection function. It can be used in military anti-counterfeiting coatings, roof insulation coatings or materials and coil coatings, high temperature coatings, engineering plastics and other fields.

2. Cobalt green


Cobalt green: a unique yellow green pigment with bright color, easy dispersion, strong coloring power, excellent heat resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance and covering power, and high infrared reflectance; It is widely used in the fields of high temperature resistant coatings, plastics, glass coloring and art pigments, and is also the main material used in the product system with super durability requirements.

3. Copper Chromium Black


Copper chromium black: a pigment with good fastness, high temperature resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and other properties, non migration, easy dispersion. The company's copper chromium black is divided into blue phase and red phase, which are widely used in various high-grade coatings, inks, high-temperature plastics, building materials and other fields.

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